How Magic Can Work Wonders At Your Corporate Event

Looking for a corporate magician? Smart & Slick Entertainment can help!

Join organisations like ITV & UCL in giving your staff the gift of a novel and captivating experience they will never forget

Help your staff break the ice with one another by giving them something to talk about that’s interesting and inherently charged with energy.

Make your company infinitely more memorable by giving your clients an experience they’ll never forget.

Whether it’s your company’s milestone birthday, your annual ball or Christmas party, a corporate magician can add a number of benefits to your corporate event:

Solid Entertainment

The obvious first – just good entertainment. Something your staff will enjoy. Great for the Christmas party or an appreciation event.

The Ice Breaker

Give your workforce a shared experience and facilitate mingling. A corporate magician can be a great way to lower the social barriers and get people talking to and interacting with people they don’t already know.

“Did you see the magician?” provides your staff with a great conversation starter that’s (hopefully) a bit more interesting and loaded with energy than, “So what department are you?”

It allows guests, delegates or staff to quickly get beyond the boring superficial questions we ask each other to ‘make conversation’ and instead offers something genuinely fascinating to talk about.

We currently have corporate magicians in:

  • London
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • York
  • Harrogate