Boost your brand visibility,
status and reputation,
with regular media coverage

  • Build unparalleled credibility, authority & status in ways that advertisng can't.
  • Widen your reach beyond those actively looking for you.
  • Become part of the public narrative in your town or city, or nationally.
  • Command high-ticket (4-5 digit) prices for your products and services.

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For serious brand builders,
publicity isn't an option. It's a necessity.

Publicity, as a marketing strategy, can do things that other marketing strategies cannot do.

Instant Authority & Unparalleled Brand Status

Brands that regularly feature in the media are naturally given status by their association with media brands that are trusted by your market. This is known as the halo effect and cannot be achieved by any other technique in marketing and advertising.

Being featured in the press creates unparalleled authority - even if your prospects never see it! Simply featuring the logos of the outlets you've been featured in can vastly increase credibility and trust with every website visitor you get!

Vastly Increase Your Reach

This is the obvious one. Being in newspapers, blogs, radio and TV dramatically widens your reach. This is a relatively inexpensive way of educating and attracting clients and customers who aren't actively looking for you. Your brand will become... well... famous! But simply being famous isn't enough. It has to be done right.

Increase Trust In Your Brand

It's a natural part of human nature that familiarity breeds trust. So if your market has heard of your company in passing, and they haven't associated negative feelings with it, they're more likely to trust it.

Increase Your Company's Wider Reputation

One of the three things you need to sell a prospect on in order to sell your product or service, is your company itself. This is the whole point of building a brand. And it's a whole lot easier if the process started beforehand, via the media.

Basic visibility is not enough for serious brands. So if your goal is to become a recognisable brand name - even in your local area - publicity isn't an option, tt's a necessity.

While every marketing method helps you to increase your visibility, regular press coverage in print, and on radio and television, goes further:

Imagine having these logos be one of the first things your website visitors see when they go to your website to check you out? Doesn't it instantly position you in a whole different league?

Isn't it all just vanity?

Absolutely not, though we can see why you might think that.

Publicity is a legitimate long-term marketing strategy. And no company in the world reaps the benefits over night. But as you build brand strength over time, you'll find your market to be easier to sell to which will have a tangible effect on the effectiveness of your other marketing.

And then, you'll find conversion rates will increase, cost per click will decrease. You'll sell more in less time, at lower advertising cost.

In other words, publicity makes marketing cheaper.

The birth of a brand is achieved
with publicity, not advertising.

Brands are born out of stories. "The new up and coming actor", "The new handy gizmo that makes life easier", "the next big thing in tech", "the new restaurant that's reinvented Indian food". Stories tell the public how to categorise a particular brand in their minds and why they should be interested. Without a story, a brand has no context.

Advertising can tell people about products and offers, but is much less effective at telling the stories behind the makers of those products.

In today's media,
virtually anybody can be famous...

It's true. Your vocation or project is not the barrier you may think it is.

While we can work with entertainers and authors, we can also work with many small businesses in sectors and industries you may not ordinarily associate with 'fame'. Entrepreneurs, chefs, doctors, pharmacists, various types of consultants, financial advisors, solicitors. We work with all of them. Whether you think your job is boring or not, the chances are that it's interesting to somebody.

...and when it's done right,
fame creates finance...

Command Higher Prices

The top players in almost every industry who command the highest prices for their products and services are not necessarily the "best". Quality definitely commands a price in any market place, but there is something else that pays better: celebrity. Sometimes ten, twenty, a hundred times better.

Access Additional Revenue Streams

Building celebrity also opens up additional revenue streams for you that are not available to those in your field who aren't famous. Things like public speaking, book authorship - some of the most highly paid revenue streams that there are.

Inspire Confidence & Attract Wealth

Leveraging a public profile correctly can lead to a huge increase in status and confidence. Your reputation can inspire confidence in your business and services; find investors more easily to finance new projects; and even get your into rooms you wouldn't otherwise get into.

We Get Big Results
for Small Businesses

Another common myth about publicity is that it's only for national or international brands. But it can be very effective for small businesses too. After all, how did those national brands become national brands? Many of them started out small.

Our PR services were designed for small businesses just like yours.

With the exception of product launches, in most cases, PR is a long term marketing strategy and as such yields explonentially higher returns the longer it is employed.

At Smart & Slick, all of our services are designed to provide maximum value and efficacy to our client.

Because of this, while there are many online PR agencies who will offer you media burst for a low price of several hundred pounds, we do not consider this to be money well spent and we doubt it will make much difference to your business in the long run.

Our PR service packages are all subscriptions and last for a minimum of three months. For best results, we recommend a year.

Product or Business Launch Package

Have your new business or product make a splash.

We'll drum up a broad interest in your product or project in the run up to it's launch and if applicable for the duration of the project.

Suitable for: Novelists, theatre producers, independent filmmakers, app developers, restauranteurs, website owners, entrepreneurs, literally anything new

Celebrity Builder Package

We'll gradually increase your visibility and raise your status with a steady supply of media coverage. Over time, this will increase general awareness of your business or brand.

Minimum 6 month subscription.

Suitable for: any professional already making money in their business and looking to become 'the name' in their space.

What It's Like To Be A Smart And Slick PR Client:
How We Build Your Public Profile

  1. The interview - we aim to answer a few quesitons: who are you? what do you do? why should people listen to you? What are you trying to promote? Tell us about product launches, tour dates, project release dates. And what else do you want out of your public profile?
  2. The Strategy Session - we go away and make a plan for how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  3. Blitz - we put that plan into action

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